Purpose-Driven and Committed

According to the Lee and Low’s Diversity Baseline Survey 2.0, those who identify as Black only make up 5% of the publishing industry overall.

#BlackCreatorsinKidLit is a community of authors and illustrators with one core mission: to share our talents and create stories that increase Black representation across all genres of children’s literature. 

We are also proud to serve as a welcoming space for Black creatives in children’s publishing – providing a bridge between individual artists, industry professionals, and communities in order to amplify and improve the frequency of contributions from Black authors and illustrators in publishing.

Here’s how we seek to eliminate disparities:

  • Informational sessions led by industry professionals

  • Writing and illustration craft workshops 

  • Partnerships

  • Cooperative economics

  • Peer-led trainings

  • Community support, outreach, and awareness-based initiatives

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